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Thumbs up Nokia 2720 Fold Black Mobile Phone Unlocked Sim Free

The Nokia 2720 Fold clamshell mobile handset with no 3G or wireless features, a low-megapixel photographic camera and no multimedia player might not seem like a possible best seller, but we think there might be a remarkable market for this phone. With its slender features, no-nonesense style and the promise that it is going to be as dependable as anything you have ever possessed, the Nokia 2720 Sim Free is a very smart option for those who want their phone to just be, well, a phone. If, like numerous others, you´ve bought mobile handsets in the past only to realise later than you employ only a small portion of all the features and functions that motivated you when you were researching what to buy, you might be enticed to downgrade and get something that´s purely functioning as a mobile handset, with a few little extras put in.

The Nokia 2720 Fold Black does come with Nokia Life Tools, an FM radio player and average web connectivity, so it is not totally out of date. And because of its sleek functionality, you can be certain its electric battery life will last and last.
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