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jojo 04-08-2010 03:47 PM

Samsung C3510 Black Mobile Phone Unlocked Sim Free

A friendly budget mobile phone, the Samsung C3510 Genoa has enough innovations to keep you gratified. Orthodox bar-style in built, the Samsung C3510 mobile phone has a huge 2.8 inch touchscreen with a navigation key below and the buttons to dial and hang up phone calls. Identical to the Samsung S3650 Genio, the Genoa has rounded corners which make it visually more catchy as well as more enjoyable to hold as you type. In fact, the Samsung C3510 Sim Free feels very similar to the S3650 phone although the black case cannot be swapped for “stylish casings” and a couple of the features have been downgraded to ensure the smaller price tag.

The 1.3MP photographic camera on the mobile device may be standard but it is still a nice touch to find a camera on a budget mobile. You can seize images of friends and events easy on the Samsung C3510 Genoa, and then impart them practicing the Communities applications programme which makes uploading photographs to internet sites such as Flickr easy.

The Samsung C3510 Genoa is a good and friendly touchscreen mobile device with a wallet-friendly price tag. :D:D:D

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