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jojo 05-30-2010 03:49 PM

HTC Wildfire Mobile Phone Sim Free Unlocked

The HTC Wildfire boasts HTC's instinctive Sense user interface. Make it customized with HTC Sense, permitting you to individualize and create a device just decent for you. Sense User interface allows you to add up widgets to your homescreen, likewise letting you tailor-make the size and style, flick through many windows so all your favourites are at your fingertips and hunt for contacts, Twitter Tweets, E-mail and lots more. HTC Sense likewise brings all your contacts together in one position. When you view people in your contacts information list you see the various manners to get in touch; Email, social networking updates like Facebook and even what photos your friends have recently uploaded. You can even upload your private photos taken with the Wildfire's 5.0 Megapixel camera!

The HTC Wildfire Sim Free operates on the current variant of the Google Android OS. Version 2.1 brings exhilarating innovative features to Android such as better menus and navigation whilst retaining the core OS instinctive and simple. Download application programs from the Google Android Market online app store, custom-make several home screens with shortcuts to your favourite websites and access Google services like Google Maps, G-Mail and Google Search all with the Android powered HTC Wildfire mobile phone. :D:D:D

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