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jojo 11-12-2009 02:04 PM

Sony Ericsson Satio Silver Mobile Phone Unlocked Sim Free

The Sony Ericsson Satio Silver's innovative design makes it very recognisable as a device from Sony Ericsson because to its undisputed resemblance to its originator, the Sony Ericsson C905. For those who are familiar with the C905 will see that the Satio Silver mobile phone is a pretty device with a curvaceous, yet smooth exterior. When held in the hand, it really does give a feel of being high-quality and it’s sturdiness does bring some comfort to users who have been called ‘butter-fingers’, on more than one instance. The silver colour determines that it is fairly classy and wouldn’t be out of place in anybody's company while the mirrored finish to the dispaly is an exquisite touch that shows how Sony Ericsson is committed to making a decent product that succeed in aesthetical quality. No doubt in our minds that the 12MP camera is the best feature in the Sony Ericsson Satio’s repertoire. It really is an exquisite and classy device.

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